baby cots and cribs Baby cots and cribs

Moses Basket or Crib: Providing the right sleeping environment for your baby is important to help them sleep safe and sound. Moses Basket or Crib? So which is right for your baby? Actually, this depends on personal preference and how you want to manage your day and night-time routines. We weigh up the pros and cons of each below: Why Choose a Moses Basket? As the most portable sleeping option, Moses baskets are ideal if you want to keep your baby with you during the day.

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Their soft construction and compact size makes them a cosily reassuring space for newborns, helping to soothe them to sleep. For parents, the relatively small size means that you can easily move it from room to room, keeping your baby with you wherever you go.

One key thing to consider if you do choose a Moses basket is that they do offer limited space — meaning that your baby will grow out of it relatively quickly. They are also not suitable for use once your baby becomes more mobile.

Why Choose a Crib? Much like a Moses basket, cribs can be used for babies from newborn upwards. As well as providing a relatively compact sleeping space, most cribs come with a rocking base that is ideal for lulling baby to sleep — perfect if you do find that your baby prefers to be in motion most of the time.

This is supported by Tully et al. Why Choose a Cot?

Because a crib is slightly larger and sturdier, it tends to have a slightly longer lifespan — meaning that you can expect it to be around six months before your baby is ready to transition from crib to cot. It may be worth considering The SnuzPod.

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  • This hybrid solution provides a mesh bassinet on a rocking crib base. The bassinet can be detached and moved around in the day, much like a Moses basket, while the sturdy base is ideal for keeping your baby comfy at night. As an added feature, the mesh panels in the side allow you to keep your baby close throughout the night.

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  • Once your baby has outgrown their Moses basket or crib, the next stage is a cot or cotbed. Both offer a larger, sturdier sleeping space suitable for older babies — so which should you choose? Why Choose a Cot? As a sturdy piece of furniture, a cot provides a safe sleeping environment for your baby once they are more active or have outgrown their Moses basket.

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  • While larger than a crib, cots are smaller than cotbeds, making them a great space-saving solution for fitting into the nursery. With plenty of growing room provided, most babies can stay in their cot until they are two years old — and ready to move to a regular single bed.

    Why Choose a Cotbed?

    baby cots and cribs Baby cots and cribs

    Although they tend to be larger than a traditional cot, cotbeds are designed to be converted into a first bed for your toddler, simply by removing the tall side panels. Why not take a look today? Leave your comment Your email address will not be published. Leave blank to show as anonymous Email:



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