changing from cot to bed Changing from cot to bed

Time for bed Independent. Much like the first tooth and first steps, the move is another sign that they are growing up. They are claiming a little bit more independence for themselves and while it is exciting, it can be daunting too.

There are questions parents need to consider such as: Will the child be safe? Bed guards can stop them falling out and keep them safe until they are used to their new confines.

Will they get up during the night and wander around? Some children will get out of the bed at first because they can, but usually this novelty wears off as they get used to their new sleeping environment.

Will they be happy and settled in a big bed as opposed to a snug cot and will they sleep through the night? There is often a period of transition but within a week or two most children adapt to their new bed. If your child is not settling at all after a few weeks, it may have been too soon to move.

The average age for moving from a cot to a bed is around two to two-and-a-half years of age, but some toddlers move earlier and some much later. They usually have a way of letting you know. The transition depends on the individual child and also how the parents approach the change.

It can be tricky with first children while with second, third and subsequent children it may be easier, as parents are more experienced. For Gemma and Stephen Kelly, parents to Rachel six and Ethan two , it was definitely easier second time around. She was almost two-and-a-half and we felt it was time for her to move, but she had other ideas.

changing from cot to bed Changing from cot to bed

She totally rejected the bed. We tried for weeks establishing a night-time routine but she only wanted her cot. More than a year later, she happily moved into her bed. Waiting was the right thing to do -- we did not want to force her. It was partly out of fear he would hurt himself that we decided to move him at just over two years of age. We put some toys and teddies into the cot and told him they were sleeping there now and that he was going to sleep in the bed.

He didn't care at all.

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  • He just climbed in, slept all night and we haven't looked back. They both did it when they were ready. The main thing for us is that they are happy, settled and sleeping well. As long as everyone is getting a good night's sleep, that's good enough for us!

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    Instead of having two cots, the older sibling needs to move into a bed to make way for baby. This can be a delicate situation. Siblings often feel put out when a new baby comes along to steal the limelight, so uprooting them from their cot in order to pass it on to a new baby can be awkward. We decided to take it slowly," Helen says. Helen and PJ still had baby Ethan in their room, while they started to decorate a new room for Jessica.

    We made it exciting for her, letting her help decorate the room with Winnie The Pooh pictures.

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  • We put some toys and a TV in there and we made it into a playroom. The move went seamlessly and she slept great from the first night. She was happy and sleeping well so after a week or so, we moved Ethan into the cot in her old room. There was no jealousy. She was so happy with her 'big girl' room that she didn't mind Ethan moving into her old cot and room.

    So imagine our sadness when Jacob was too big for Grobags. How much sleep do babies need? It really is very simple.

    We can only hope it will be as easy when it's time for Ethan to move in a year or so! When Eoghan showed signs of wanting to get out of his cot at 17 months, Jane knew exactly what to do.

    Check out this great video which shows the concept being used by a nursery: Generally, a child younger than two is not emotionally or developmentally ready to sleep in a regular bed.

    Once the paint dried we moved him into it and because my Dad made arms at the side, there was no need for bed guards. It's special for us because Eoghan's grandad made it.

    changing from cot to bed Changing from cot to bed



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