double cot bed for twins Double cot bed for twins

We hope we still have two months to go, but realistically they could come much earlier.

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  • Some parents-to-be start preparing early on and have a nursery ready to move into by the time the baby starts showing in Mummy's belly. Our twins will eventually take over their Dad's study but they'll probably sleep in our bedroom for the first six months or so anyway, so there's no immediate rush to have their nursery completely finished.

    Nonetheless, now that I'm starting my third trimester I want to know where they're going to sleep.

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  • If we lived in Finland that question could be easily answered. Expectant mothers are given a starter box by the government.

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    It not only contains onesies, a sleeping bag, bathing products for the baby, some nappies and bedding, but also a mattress that you can put on the bottom of the box itself so that it becomes the baby's first bed. Ad Feedback As we don't, we still have to figure out what type of beds we want our babies to sleep in for the first few months.

    Due to space restrictions however we are now having moses baskets as we were going to top and tale in a cot bed to begin with but not enough space. Each twin therefore has their own firmly tucked in bedclothes or baby sleeping bag. News The best mattresses and bedding for your baby With so many products on the market, it can be easy to get confused about what babies should sleep in or on.

    There are three main options apart from just getting a box from the supermarket that is… - co-sleeping, cots and bassinets. Co-sleeping In many cultures this was, and still is, the way parents looked after their newborns.

    However, over the last few decades co-sleeping has developed a very bad reputation. In , a large study showed that the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome cot death is five times higher in babies who share their parents' beds. The main message is that co-sleeping with or without other risk factors such as alcohol, other drugs or smoking should never occur, but it is OK to breastfeed in the parental bed and then to put the baby to sleep "face up" in its own cot in the same room as the parent s ," Professor Paul Goldwater from the University of Adelaide School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health.

    I don't really want to kick off this whole debate here. Right now we don't think that co-sleeping is for us and our babies. Two cots We think it's best to have our little critters with us for the first six months, and there's no way that we could fit two cots into our bedroom.

    double cot bed for twins Double cot bed for twins

    One cot for the pair of them A lot of twin-parents have their babies share one cot when they first arrive. Some have them side by side and say that they sleep better that way as they're used to each other's company. Others have them sleep at opposite ends of the same cot with a barrier in between to help keep them safe from being rolled onto by their brother or sister.

    Two bassinets We thought about the single cot option but in the end we've gone with two bassinets.

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  • Two swinging bassinets in fact, that not only look cute but hopefully help rock them back to sleep. The bassinets are also easy to move from our bedroom to the lounge for their daytime naps. I obviously have no idea what will be the best for our babies. That doesn't just apply for sleeping arrangements but for pretty much everything else too. For every decision you make, from feeding, to sleeping or how to move them around, there are almost as many opinions as there are families.

    All I can do is read up, listen to other parents, and then work out what will hopefully work out best for our babbas once they're here. Which sleeping arrangement has worked best for you?

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