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  • A blog about crafting, cooking, living, and believing. I had been doing some crib research when I started talking to my room mom from last year. Yall, it was so hard to sit back and let someone else do the DIYing! I had so many opinions and thoughts of how I would be doing it…. So here is the skinny which I was not after gaining 40lbs with Chickadee…. Make sure the crib is taken apart. Then sand the entire thing with some handheld fine grit sandpaper.

    Then wipe down the pieces. Set up outside on a big piece of plastic or a tarp would work too. Now I chose to spray paint over brush paint for two reasons: It took III about 4 cans of primer…. Spray the fronts of all pieces and allow 30 minutes to dry. Then do the backs…repeat.

    dark brown cot Dark brown cot

    You want to put this on lightly so avoid drips. If there is any dripping sand the spot in between coats and you will be good to go! This is an all day project folks. Next up is the top coat.

    You will want to spray these layers lightly as well. III did three coats and it took 6 cans of spray paint. This is a lot of spraying.

    We have the towels for you. As mentioned SIDS recommends that only a fitted sheet is used in a cot.

    Again if there are drips sand in between and they will hardly be noticeable. The last step before reassembling is sealing the crib.

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    I used this sealer because it is a water based, non-toxic sealer and after using spray paint I wanted to make sure the top coat is baby safe. Some sealers are not safe to use when pregnant so please make sure and read ALL the information on the back!

    Finally, have your husband assemble the crib while you sit on the computer with your feet up and admire HIS handiwork! We did have to make one modification.

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  • The crib was 9 years old, so it was still a drop down. We ordered a kit from the manufacturer that secured the front so it no longer drops down. The pieces were also brown, so I just covered them with washi tape! Are you new to A Step in the Journey?

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    dark brown cot Dark brown cot

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