fold up cot Fold up cot

What is the fabric composition? Adam argos Can you buy replacement bassinet and changing uint? Hi I have bought this for my grandson but I have mislayed the bassinet and changing unit.

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Can you buy replacements and if so where and how much please. Charlie Argos The matress shown on offer with this travel cot is too big. Do you have a correct size matress that is on offer with this travel cot? Thank you for using Question and Answer. Argos Helper Can this be used as a playpen too? Charlie Argos Should this come with a changing mat? This comes with a changing unit but doesnt appear to have a changing mat.

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  • A changing mat is not included. Have a good day. Amy Argos Can a travel cot be used as a permanent daytime nap bed From: Sreeparu We bought this for our granddaughter with a travel cot mattress and she sleeps in it every day.

    I don't think it would be very comfortable without the extra mattress though. Allison Would a baby cot bumper fix to travel cot From: Amy Argos Does this traval cot have a side zip entrance for toddlers?

    fold up cot Fold up cot

    Kay1 Hello, Thank you for your question. I have checked through the specifications on the BabyStart Deluxe Travel Cot - Natural, this does not have a side zip entrance. I hope this helps. Davec I want to buy a proper mattress to use, what size mattress will i need?

    It also has a rocking mode, which is great for a travel cot, as many parents rely on this in the early months to help baby to sleep. Cheap models with ill positioned crossbars are quite common and these compromise on comfort since one will be sleeping on something equivalent to a pull out couch with a cross bar right under their back.

    Argos Helper Where can I get a replacement holdall to carry the cot in? Carol Thank you for your question. You may find one by searching the web.

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  • Please check this link for sheets for this travel cot. Beth Im going to wash with a damp cloth and detergent going to put it in a spray bottle and do it that way. Hope this helps you. Loobie Loo Is there any warranty I bought it 6 week ago and all the plastic parts on the top are broken and the cot now stays on one side?

    Amy Argos Can you have the mattress at different heights From: Colkaz Hi, thank you for your question. I have looked into this for you and can confirm the mattress of the BabyStart Deluxe Travel Cot — Natural cannot be a different heights.

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  • Can i use this travel cot for my baby for constant use instead of using a proper cot. Beck Hi, Thank you for your question. I can advise that the BabyStart Deluxe Travel Cot is designed for occasional use and we would not recommend it be used constantly.

    Patsy Anne I could not fold down a Baby start travel cot and consulted answers but, no help, so asked a friend. Pull up centre strap and then grip centre of sides. Need to press underneath the centre of sides as lift to disengage , then will push down easily. Do same with other sides. It is pushing up on the undersurface of the centre of sides which is key. I am very happy with cot as sturdy and stable and now can fold up it is excellent. Gwyneth Thank you for your question.

    Sassylady When my granddaughter started to stay over I bought this and a cot mattress!! It's a tight fit in the bassinet but it is worth it as the cot base is very hard no padding to speak of ,so an inexpensive mattress Will give comfort and warmth ,if baby is sick then the base won't get ruined!! Ellie I would say not but my granddaughter is 5 months old but she slept on it all night without waking.

    Annief62 Length of BabyStart Deluxe Travel Cot - Natural Please confirm length of cot as specifications in Argos advert state cm but one of the answers from Argos states to buy an extra mattress get one that is less than cm in length. Sarah What size mattress do i need to buy for this as i want the added thickness and not use the one on it? Nicky I bought a 95cm x 65cm with 7cm thickness and it fits perfectly By: Nicky What age canmy baby stay in the basianette of travel cot?

    Amanda Your child can sleep in the bassinette until the weigh 15 pounds or until the start pushing up on their hands and knees whichever comes first By: Lynda90 Is there any kind of mattress that comes with this item? The bassinet only has the bars Does this cot not come with a temporary mattress?

    Tasha Hi, thank you for your question. I have looked into this and I can confirm that the travel cot does come with a mattress. This is the bassinet that can be either used on the bottom or hung. Argos Helpers Does it fold up and down or do you have to fix it all up seperately From: As stated in the product description, the BabyStart Deluxe Travel Cot folds for storage, requiring no disassembling.

    The folded dimensions are L I hope this is useful. Have a good day! Argos Helper Can a baby boy use it? Divine It's colouring means it is suitable for both. We bough ours for a girl. Mike And Lisa The cot is cream with orange and blue swirls. Definitely a unisex design. Crashton Does it come with a mattress From: Kezza Hi, thank you for your question. I have looked into this for you and I can confirm that the travel cot does come with a mattress.

    Argos Helpers What colour is this item it looks pink? Sonia Hi, thank you for your question. Having looked into this for you, I can confirm that this travel cot will be cream in colour due to the swirl design on the product this has made it look as though it has a pink hue on the image on the website.

    Comes in a blue or green color Extremely durable build Get it now on Amazon 7. Get your child started on a safe, secure sleeping pattern from birth, and both of you will reap the benefits.

    If the item is available in your local store, you could always view the item before we take any payment. Argos Helper 42 The cot is cream and then the swirl designs are actually blue and orange swirls. Definitely a unisex cot design.



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