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  • What are Bumpsters cot-bar Bumpers? They are a revolutionary cot bumper which wrap around the individual bars of the cot and attach securely with Velcro. Which sizes of Bumpsters are available and will I need for my cot?

    She bloody loves it. I was so worried the first few times she did it but she does yell when she's stranded and needs rescuing and even then she sleeps with her head turned to the side.

    Bumpsters come in small for bars 2cm or narrower and bars wider than 4cm and large for bars measuring cm wide For further information on sizing visit About Bumpsters. How do Bumpsters cot-bar Bumpers differ with traditional cot bumpers and what are their benefits?

    When trodden on, Bumpsters slide down the bars, enabling parents to use them with babies of any age.

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    How many Bumpsters will I need and how do I arrange them? This all depends upon the age of your child.

    small cot Small cot

    How do I attach Bumpsters cot bar bumpers? Bumpsters are the epitome of simplicity. They are extremely simple to attach. With 3 pairs of Velcro, simply wrap around the correct number of bars and match corresponding Velcro.

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  • Will my baby be able to remove Bumpsters? Bumpsters have been designed specifically with 3 pairs of Velcro fastening to ensure an extremely secure fit. We recommend that Bumpsters are attached with the Velcro on the outside of the cot and as tight a fit as possible to ensure even the most curios babies cannot remove them.

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  • What are Bumpsters cot-bar bumpers made from? Can Bumpsters be washed? Yes- for best results we recommend a gentle 30 degree hand or machine wash, with a cool tumble dry to finish.

    Why use a small space saver cot? News The best mattresses and bedding for your baby With so many products on the market, it can be easy to get confused about what babies should sleep in or on. Once you've got your cot bed sorted, let us help you find the best cot bedding for your baby.

    What colour Bumpsters are available? Currently, Bumpsters are available in blue, pink, stone and multi-coloured.



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